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What the heck is a health coach?


When I first heard that Meaningful Medicine was offering health coaching, it brought images of my eighth grade gym teacher to mind. Someone who pushed me, shouted a lot, and made me do all sorts of unpleasant things (like running. Ugh.)

I decided to give it a try anyway. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Whitney is a very gentle and positive person. She listens. She respects individual circumstances,  and she tailors her suggestions for each person present. She does not judge.

The emphasis is on reframing your life to view it more positively. She also offers nutritional advice, gives out recipes, and leads a closing meditation. Personally, I definitely need to learn to stop and meditate more often, it’s a wonderful way to reset your stress level.

I have also found myself, almost unconsciously, making better choices. Focusing more on filling my plate with veggies. Taking a closer look at the greens I have previously passed over at the grocery. Stopping for a moment here and there in a stressful day and just… breathing.

I plan to continue with health coaching, and see where it leads me. This is SO not eighth grade gym class.    

~ Stacy Seigfred